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Manufacture Center

Manufacture Strength

WELM is cored by constructing intellectual factories. During real-time manufacture and flexible production, it needs to monitor / control the production course, product quality, logistics warehousing management etc. It can thus fulfill a comprehensive and transparent supervision to intellectual factories. It effectively enhances the production policy-making capabilities. It reduces the managing cost and raises the administrative efficiency.

WELM Technology owns 4 production centers, i.e. electron machining center, metal-working machining center, glass processing center, electrical assembly center. Multiple automatic production lines include fully automatic screen-print production line, SMT production line, laser-cut production line, shearing and stamping production line. It can individually produce and assemble full varieties of elevator parts from spares, components to multi-media hardware and intellectual software.

Manufacture Advantages

Advanced Technology

It firstly introduces fully automatic production equipment and advanced international technologies to fulfill intellectual production.

Intellectual Factories

It creates intellectual production modes such as digital workshop, manual intellectual interaction, fully automatic robot etc.

Digital Monitor

It applies digital control, real-time monitor of condition information to fulfill the production flow information.

Electron Machining Center


It is engaged in manufacturing and inspecting PCBA (printed circuit board assembly).


It firstly introduces advanced managing experience of automobile industry to elevator signal system industry.


It owns over 6 fully automatic SMT production lines. Average monthly output exceeds one million pieces.


It offers full craft coverage including laminate, wave soldering, conformal coating, ICT, FCT etc.


In 2015, it has been appraised as “Model Example of Intellectual Workshop in Jiangsu Province”.


It can supply various tailor-made products design and machining plans for vast clients.

Metal-Working Machining Center

01.Fully automatic intellectual production

Metal-Working Machining Center includes various high end devices such as automatic laser cut, automatic shearing and stamping flexible automatic production line, fully automatic digital bending etc.

02.It increases craft and technological standard in advance.

In 2016, it firstly established “Sample Making Center of Structural Parts” in the same industry. It specializes in researching into metal-working machining and manufacture craft and technology. It guarantees superior quality and high efficiency of new products during the design and batch-production stages.

Glass Processing Center


It has 14 years’ glass processing experiences. The product richness, quality and efficiency value lead the same industry.


It owns over 8 automatic screen-print production lines. It exceeds 800,000 pieces for annual output of related glass products.


It can provide vast clients with various tailor-made glass products design and processing plans.


It satisfies the installation standards for different countries and regions. It is equipped with global service capabilities.

Electrical Assembly Center


It covers an area of over 10,000 square meters. It can offer the most advantageous automatic tailor-made production lines.


It firstly executes flow-line assembly plans in the same industry. It innovatively carries out catering mode production, heating and compaction integrated design, roll over test etc.


It firstly applies fully automatic robot laser welding craft and technology in the same industry. It thus guarantees the attractive outline and high strength of signal system panel.